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Anthony Chen leads award-winning directors from China, Singapore and Thailand to produce pan-asian omnibus feature DISTANCE 距离

Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin takes on the challenge of playing 3 diverse characters.


Singapore director Anthony Chen is launching a new film company, Giraffe Pictures, in Singapore.

Anthony Chen’s debut feature ILO ILO gained widespread acclaim and recognition last year when it became an arthouse favourite, winning 40 awards internationally, including the coveted Cannes Camera d’Or and 4 Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan.

Partnering with ILO ILO’s associate producer Huang Wenhong, the new outfit aims to nurture and develop new voices in Singapore and the region, focusing on quality talent and content. Giraffe Pictures will begin by producing 1-2 films a year. Anthony Chen will serve as Executive Producer on all its projects.

Anthony is based in London, and in development on several UK projects. Hence, Wenhong, a veteran media personality and radio presenter, will head up Giraffe Pictures in Singapore. The company will also be the home for Anthony’s Singapore and Asian projects.

Overcoming differences in nationality, culture and language, Giraffe Pictures’ first project is Distance 距离, a collaboration with China’s Guangxi Film Group. This time, Anthony Chen takes a step back from the directing chair and takes on the role of Executive Producer and Creative Director. Distance is an omnibus feature with young award-winning directors from Singapore (Tan Shijie), China (Xin Yukun) and Thailand (Sivaroj Kongsakul).

Singaporean director, Tan Shijie is a philosophy graduate from the National University of Singapore. He started to pursue filmmaking at New York University’s Tisch Asia, on a MDA scholarship. His first short film, For Two (2009), was in competition at the 66th Venice Film Festival and was rated by the International Film Guide as one of the Top 5 Singapore Films of that year. His latest short film Not Working Today is in competiton at this year’s Singapore International Film Festival.

Chinese director Xin Yukun’s debut feature film The Coffin in the Mountain has been selected for the Venice Critics Week section of the Venice Film Festival and received nominations for Best Screenplay and Best New Director at the 51st Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan.

Thai director Sivaroj Kongsakul directed his debut feature Eternity in 2010, which was supported by the Hubert Bals Fund and Busan’s Asian Cinema Fund. The film won the prestigious Tiger Award for Best Film at the 2011 Rotterdam International Film Festival.

Funded by Tianchang Investment, Guangxi Film Group and NICE Influence Cultural Investment Group, Distance stars Taiwanese actor Chen Bolin (Blue Gate Crossing; The Continent) in the lead role, the film explores the universal themes of love, family and friendship. This is also the first time Chen Bo Lin has taken on the challenge of playing three characters of diverse personalities and backgrounds in the same movie. Distance will begin principal photography in January 2015, filming in Singapore, Taiwan, China and Thailand.

Giraffe Pictures also announced a slate of other upcoming films – K Rajagopal’s long awaited debut feature, A Yellow Bird, selected at the Cannes L’Atelier in 2013. and Kirsten Tan’s debut feature Popeye, which won the top prize at the Torino Film Lab last month.

Singaporean director, K Rajagopal has won the Special Jury Prize at the Singapore International Film festival with I Can’t Sleep Tonight (1995), The Glare (1996) and Absence (1997). As a writer and filmmaker for over 15 years, his works offer unique interpretations of life, relationships and society. With a unique storyline, his latest feature A Yellow Bird will be a thought-provoking film investigating issues such as freedom and marginalisation.

Anthony said “Having experienced the struggles of a young filmmaker while making my first feature, it has always been my intention to set up a home to support young visionary filmmakers in the region. Asia is brimming with exciting filmmaking talent at the moment and we are hoping that Giraffe Pictures would provide the platform and opportunities for such emerging voices to be heard. We are stressing rigorous development on script, with a focus on quality over quantity, eventually building a brand that is synonymous to the best of Asian cinema.”

Wenhong said “Having worked in the Singapore media industry for 20 years, in television, radio, web and print, I see Giraffe Pictures as the beginning of an exciting new chapter as I move into film. From the previous experience of being involved in ILO ILO, we understand that it is indeed a very tough challenge for filmmakers to produce a quality movie with limited funds and resources. I share Anthony’s passion, ambition and vision in the possibilities and potential of Singapore and Asian cinema and I’m heartened that we found financing partners within and outside the region who believe in our cause. We hope to pass on what we have gained and learned from ILO ILO, to help talented Asian cinematic voices establish their foothold on the international stage.”

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金马奖导演陈哲艺坐镇 中新泰三国新锐导演强强联手

电影《距离》由广西电影集团、天昌投资集团与新影响文化投资集团携手共同出品,汇集了全亚洲最具潜力的新锐青年导演团队:新加坡导演陈哲艺(电影处女作《爸妈不在家》连夺包括第66届戛纳电影节金摄影机奖在内的40多个国际奖项,并获得第50届金马奖最佳影片、最佳新导演等四项大奖、内地导演忻钰坤(作品《殡棺》获第51届金马奖两项提名)、新加坡导演陈世杰(作品《二人》入围第66届威尼斯电影节金狮短片竞赛)、泰国导演thai Sivaroj Kongsakul执导的短片《Always》和 《Silencio》在法国克莱蒙费朗短片电影节获奖,这也是中新泰三国导演首次联手跨国合作。


“大仁哥”陈柏霖突破自我 上演“一个男人三台戏”


穿越三地唯美情感大戏 亲情友情爱情纠缠上演